Healing Links
ORAL ROBERTS MINISTRIES--This is the most spiritual place I know of to seek a healing. Oral Roberts has gone on to be with God and the ministry is being run by his son, Richard Roberts, and his wife, Lindsay Roberts. The week night television and internet show, "The Place for Miracles," is absolutely wonderful.

BENNY HINN MINISTRIES-- World evangelist and healing minister Benny Hinn can start anyone's day off right from his daily television show, "This is Your Day." The program can also viewed each weekday online from this website.

EXTREME HEALING: BOB BRASSET MINISTRIES-- Jesus is able to heal to the extreme, to those who come to God through Him. So when we come to the Father, Bob says we have a grant of power of attorney in Jesus' name. When we say, "I am asking in Jesus' name, we are, in a sense, becoming a substitute for the power that rules the whole universe. In that name there is absolutely awesome power."

LIFE HEALING MINISTRIES-- Jerry Baysinger, a former Missouri state civilian employee, was diagnosed with fatal cancer and given a month to live in 1993 by his doctors. God showed him in the Bible that healing belonged to him, and he believed the Word of God and confessed his healing continually out of his mouth, until it was manifest in his body, with no treatments. Since then Jerry has enjoyed perfect health and he teaches others how they can live sickness-free by being in covenant with the God who said, "I Am the Lord That Healeth Thee."

ERNEST ANGLEY MINISTRIES-- Ernest says he believes in miracles beause he believes in God. He preaches that you can have deliverance for soul, mind or body.

JAY SNELL.ORG--Jay Snell's healing site stresses that healing, prosperity and family well being belong to Christians now. The site offers a number of free e-books you can download about healing and prosperity.

HUNTER MINISTRIES--The daughter of the late Charles and Frances Hunter of Texas has continued her parents' healing ministry and offers "healing schools" to train those wanting to enter the healing ministry. Some very good literature, videos and cd's on healing are available for purchase on this website.

LEAVES OF HEALING MINISTRIES--Evangelist Lorraine D. Coconato, who earned a Masterís of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University, created this very inspirational website on healing. It is a must-see for anyone who needs a healing miracle in their life.

HEALING SCRIPTURES.COM--This is a very good source to locate all scriptures in the Bible that mention healing and miracles. HealingScriptures.com is also a site where you can purchase a Healing Scriptures workbook, CD-ROM, or e-book featuring every healing scripture in the Bible, search links to ministries, and contact them for prayer.

DOES GOD HEAL TODAY?-- Written in 1952 by a minister of the Gospel, Herbert W. Armstrong, this essay on healing proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that God and Jesus do still heal today.
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